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The Accountancy sector has been identified as one of the 16 priority sectors by the National Productivity and Continuing Education Council (NPCEC).

The Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) Productivity Advisory Council has been tasked with developing the Accountancy Sector Productivity Roadmap.

The need to raise productivity and build value-adding capabilities for the accounting sector in Singapore was one of the key issues highlighted in a 2010 report by the high-level public-private sector Committee to Develop the Accountancy Sector (CDAS).

We were honored to host Permanent Secretary Ms Lim Soon Hoon (Ministry Of Finance), Mr Kenneth Yap (Chief Executive, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority), Mr Loh Uantchern (Chief Executive, Singapore Accountancy Commission) and supporting staff from ACRA, MOF and SAC at our firm to get a better understanding of the productivity issues and possible initiatives.